Like chimpanzees and gorillas Koala also have fingerprints. Chimpanzees and gorillas  are human like  gesture and finger prints but koala also have the similar fingerprints like that of the human that is interesting fun facts.

One of the weird fun facts i have heard was that a man can pass his stone in kidney  while on roller coaster. That is true,  a research by Michigan State University in 2016. In a research they found that most of the people having stone in kidney may pass kidney stone while a ride on roller coaster. 

Have you ever heard a story of Typhoid Mary. Typhoid Mary a lady who infected more than 50 people in her life.  This is a true story of the lady named Mary Mallon who came in 1880. She was not sick according to her but she infected many people as her blood carried a bacteria which she passes and keeps on cooking food for the people.

Have you heard about the Eater island do you know the faces on the Easter island have body.  The very famous stone head coming out from the ground was proved by the 

archaeologist study that these hundreds of stone heads on the Pacific island have body beneath the earth. It measures around 33 feet.