The Shawm : The musical instrument of Middle East

The Shawm is a musical instrument of Middle East. It is some what like an Indian Shehnai. It is very popular instrument. Its sound is similar that of trumpet it is intended for outdoor performance. Johann Christoph Denner  is the one who said to invented the Shawm. Shawm is a double reed instrument it is said that it is oboe ancestor. the instrument made of wood has a long body with a bell, it is played with double reed.


Oboe is said to be the ancestor of the Shawm which is played by blowing through it. It is also believe that oboe is the most difficult. Oboe is somewhat a challenging instrument to play as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. And if we talk about the cost for the oboe it is quit expensive. Oboe and Shawn  is said to belongs to the woodwind family.

Uses of Shawm

Shawm musical instrument is popular among the new comers also. And you can commonly found street musician playing the instrument. The instrument was adopted for dancing by the European and also for the military purpose. During the 14th and 15th century  Shawn was an instrument which play melodies-which is everyone’s favorite.

Reed Instrument

Any instrument that is play with wind that sound is made with the help of blowing wind from the mouth(aerophones). A reed is a thin blade made of metal which vibrate when air or sound wave passes through it cause a sound, Such instruments are called reed instrument.

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