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ThatsTamil is a very famous online web portal to access all the online news about Tamilians, like Tamil people’s movies, their community, sports, business, and all kind of small and big local news and update. This website is also known as OneIndia Tamil which you can access easily as this name is a subdomain of it.

Another best thing of ThatsTamil portal is that it uses and keep track of local newspaper to provides its users updates local news happening in city and village. This website also provides you, all types of Tamil recipes and methods to prepare it, which is quite helpful for the people who love to cook.

ThatsTamil website also takes you towards the brief details about the art and culture of Tamil people.

ThatsTamil news website shows all types of news in one place and it is also available in different languages like Tamil news, Telugu news, Gujarati news, Hindi news, Bangla news, and English news, etc.

To make the website more useful and comfortable for its all users. This website gets good traffic from other regions also, due to the news availability in different languages.

ThatsTamil or news channel founded in the year 2006 and it is focused on its
mission to provide all local, national, and international news in the local language.

What is ThatsTamil in 2020?

This is a popular news website where you can get all the latest news related to Tamil movies, Sports, education, culture, and other. It is very famous in Tamilians and nearby people especially among youths who all want to have the latest news update for Movie News in Tamil, Local news in Tamil, and Sports News in Tamil.

ThatsTamil or provides all types of news, however, their main focus is on that news, which is searched by the young generation, as you know that our India has the largest number of population and our youth generations are more active and connected to online services whether its social media or news channels, hence it gives much attention to them on all post which is going to be published on their website of Oneindia Tamil.

Various News Categories in ThatsTamil website

As we have mentioned above that, ThatsTamil news website news is available in 07 different languages like Tamil news, Telugu news, Gujarati news, Hindi news, Bangla news, and English news, etc. which make it more useful and comfortable for its all users.

This website keeps you updated with all current news and affairs and these websites let you review for various categories of films that are already released and which are about to release in Tamil Cinema halls.

Apart from the Tamil movies it also let you know much other news which are categorized here below:-



1. All Local News updates on Thatstamil website:-

We are having many options to hear about the big breaking news, however, we get stuck when we talk about the local news updates and it fulfills all such needs. It provides us all the local news of small villages and towns. Providing all local news updates at one place makes it very popular and demanding.

2. All Sports News updates on Thatstamil website:-

With ThatsTamil website you will get the fastest update on all the sports news whether it is for Cricket, Football, Hockey, and other games.

To get instant updates of the game and actual overview, ThatsTamil or OneIndia upload small highlights of the match over its Tamil’s YouTube channel, as it has more than 1 million youtube subscribers on ThatsTamil YouTube.

3. All Politics News updates on Thatstamil website:-

Politics related news are the main concern for Indians as it plays a vital role in the Indian economy and tells us about the government works and plans towards every activity to make India stronger and developed. It keeps you updated for each small or big news of politics.

4. All Business News updates on Thatstamil website:-

It keeps an eye on all the business activities and changes in the business sector to its users. It always focus to provide you the fastest update of business-related news to avoid any kind of loss in your business.

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