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Noita one of the adventures Video game.Based on action adventure developed by the Noita Games. In the game most interesting was that player can control a witch and make her caste a magic spell on his enemies who was Finnish mythological in order to win and as you know everything is fair in love and war.

The game was released for Noita 1.0 version in 2010 before that for Microsoft Windows in 2019. The player was a witch in the game who create a spell in the 2D world in the game every game was physically simulated.

In the year 2019 the game was nominated in 3 categories i.e. independent Games Festival, Seumas and in  McNally Grand Prize. The game was excellent and easy to play and it uses the best technology. click here to know about best xbox 360 games of all time .

Noita Review

The game was bit crazy fun and full of adventure all because player has to destroy everything. In the Noita game everything was bit possible to do.Every pixel talk.When you hit the ceiling its fractured . the game was based on the magic using magic you create yourself who so ever comes in the way it evaporate.melt, explore freeze . You went through mysterious places and you explore the environment  from freezing to the wasteland.

Overall the game was not very bad I personally feel it is somewhat helpful as you have to destroy things. it was a pixel game based. You can burn melt and explore anything and swim in the blood. Enter in the different world and explore the unknown places.

If you are interesting or making your mood to play the different game then this Noita will help you, just gave it a try. The game was full of adventure and ,magic too where you finds lots of caves to explore and fight enemies like in any other game. There are many weapons which helps you reach the goal and won your battle.

Is Noita releases for Nintendo Switch ?

In the Noita you have the power to control the witch and that magic was used to curb the power of the enemies. explore the world overtime you enter to play the game.

The game was best to play on PC as compare to other game console. Is Noita Coming to Nintendo Switch? Well there was no as it was not clear from the developer but we hope it will come as mind can be changed. As developer are working on the projects but the game was selling and it is best for the handheld game console.

About the Game

In  the very beginning you will get to see yourself on the entrance of the mine or what it was exactly it is not clear  but i felt that the mining company call us in order to free the mine from all the evil and devil that are thee in the mine. We are the one from among the others chosen random;y by the Garrick Ollyander.

In the game every objects talk like it is natural and living. We can jump and talk +shoot as well as swim for sometimes also. Solid,liquid and gases all of these are behaving kike living. Here you can caste a spell and on the enemies to destroy them.

Overall a good game to play being a player i will give the gave 5 out of 5 all because the technique and graphics of the gave are just mind blowing and also the concept of the game is also very different from the other games  and one more thing the game is not easy as it is seen. Must download and play.

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