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Who Is Mr Beast?

Mr Beast Wiki

Jimmy Donaldson is MrBeast, a YouTuber and internet personality. He is a popular YouTuber who earn fame due to the video he uploaded on the internet that centered on a stunt. He is the one who is behind MrBeast Burger and Team Trees where he raise funds for the Srbor Day Foundation and raised funds over $23 million.

Mr Beast Wiki/ Biography

Childhood And Education

He was born in 1998 on 7 May in Wichita, Kansas, United States, and raised in Greenville, North Carolina along with his brother CJ. He went to a private school located in that area and completed graduation from Greenville Christian Academy. Later he joins East Caroline University but drop out and start making videos for YouTube at the age of 13.


MrBeast family there is a Mother father and one brother. His father’s name is Stephen Donaldson, and he works with his father in carpet making and passed away on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, at the age of 48. His mother Mrs. Donaldson and brother CJ Donaldson. Jimmy Donaldson’s girlfriend is Maddy Spidell she is an Instagram model.


His YouTube career in 2012 when he was 13 years old, his channel name is MrBeast6000 the content of the video is Let Play which focused on Minecraft gameplay and also Call of Duty, he also creates videos showing the estimated wealth and income of the other You Tubers.  His subscribers were not very many and it is limited to 240 only.

He starts gaining popularity after 2012 on the basis of the worst intro he gave on YouTube. His subscribers increased to 30,000. This is the time when he dropped his graduation and start doing a YouTube full-time career. But do you know his mother was not in favor of this and his move away from his family?

Unknown Facts About Mr. Beast

1. Donaldson Suffers from the disease Crobin which is an inflammatory bowel condition.

2. Do you know your favorite YouTuber girlfriend her name is Maddy Spidell and she is an Instagram Model.

3. There is another popular channel of Mr Beast elder brother named MrBro.

4. He is a pioneer in creating a YouTube video that involves so much expense and best stunts.

5. He is a Team Tree creator which is a fundraiser and raised more than $22 million.

6. He first posted a video under the YouTube channel named MrBeast6000 when he was 13.

7. In 2017  Mr. Beast posted a video in which he spend the whole day counting 100,000, this stunt or video takes 40 hours and it keeps under 24 hours.

8. Another video of counting 200,000 was also made by Mr Beast the video exceed the YouTube exceed limits.

9. Donaldson made a video to stay underwater for 24 hours but failed due to some of his health issues. In the stunt, he tried to break the glasses using a hundred megaphones.

10. He organized a real-life battle royale competition for which the price is $200,000 in March 2019. This video collaborated with Apex Legends.

11. In gave large amounts of money in donations $32,000 donated to Veterans Army Wounded Warrior Programs and $70,000 to Saint Jude Children Research Hospital.

12 Most of his video on YouTube was Sponsored, Sponsored by Honey.

Mr Beast gave real money in the competition organized by him because his videos are sponsored, his personal income is not affected by the price money moreover, he started his donation after he is getting sponsorship from other corporations. Mr Beast is one of the very popular You Tuber and earns a large sum of money from YouTube.

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