George Rossi : Famous Actor Died Due To Cancer

George Rossi an Scotish actor best known for the character of Detective Duncan Lennox in The Bill series. At the age of 60 George Rossi died due to cancer in pancreatic cancer.Here in this article we share with about the life and career of George Rossi.

Early Life Of George Rossi

George Rossi was born in Scotland on 28 September 1961, he was of Italian decent as his parents are from Italy and he is fluent in Italian. While in his growing up days he worked in Ice cream van belongs to his family. He made his debut in acting in 1984 with Comfort and Joy. worked in TV pilot Max Headroon in 1985 continuing in The Singing Detective in 1986.

Career of George Rossi

As acting debut he made in 1984 with Comfort and Joy where his brother Peter also appear along side him in Comfort and Joy. He worked in 1980s and become a name on TV. He worked in the TV Pilot Max Headroom in 1985. HE worked in television and also in films in 1990s. He moved to Italy in 1997 for Roseanna’s Grave and he played a character of a police sergeant.

In the popular series The Bill where he played a character of detective Duncan Lennox, The Bill was based on police drama series. Moving back to Italy for Rosenna’s Grave proved good for him. He become very popular among his fans with Character Duncan Lennox. But in 2003 George Left the show The Bill but he is still remember as a Duncan Lennox character, may be it is his best performance.

Cause Of George Rossi Death

The cause of death of George Rossi is disclosed, It is partly revealed that he died out of pancreatic cancer but it is not confirmed. His news of death has been confirmed by Lousia his niece on the social media she wrote Unfortunately George Rossi who played DC Duncan Lennox passed away.The news was updated on Wednesday 5th January 2022.

He leave behind alone in this world his wife Catrine and two children Santino and Matilda. He married to Catrine in 1988.

Catrine quote in Daily Mail exclusive she said he died out of cancer in pancreas. She further said he anticipated his demise, he is at the advanced stage of cancer and that he know about the cause of it.

According to the this pancreatic cancer is the highest mortality rate comparing to other decease . also claims that survival rate after 5 years is 10% for patients of all stages. Big and renowned people like co founder of Apple Steve Jobs, Alex Trebek and actor Patrick Swavze also suffering from the decease of pancreatic cancer.

George Rossi Wonderful Works

George Rossi has 36 years of successful career he had acted in 44 movies and series. His last performance was David in 2020 in film Le Cineaste-A Director’s Journey ,This film won the award for best narrative feature and also best director Award at Berlin.

In 1993 -2017 acted in TV series Causality, In 2013 Doctors, In 2012 Sindbad, In 2011 Hustle, The Hot Potato, From 2009- 2010 TV series Whitechapel, In 2006 Wild Romance, Pickles,Ultimate Force,Hotel Babylon TV series, The number one girl, A short film in 2004 Call Me, Holby City, From 1993-2003 The Bill  TV series, From 1992- 1998 Taggard TV series, In 1997 TV series Thief Takers, Trail and Retribution TV series, Roseanna’s Grave, In 1996 In Love and War, Bugs TV series, From 1994-1995 Roughnecks TV series, Staggered, In 1991 T.Bag and the Rings Of Olympus TV series, Boon TV series, Crossing the lines movie, In 1984 The Chain, Max headroom, Ties of Blood, Comfort and Joy.

In his career he did total 44 movies and TV series there are some mention above. HE is hard working and well known Scottish actor, May his soul rest in peace and God gave strength to his family and children to bear the loss.

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