Full information about T virus and its origin

T virus is a term used in the Resident Evil game. This T virus is most commonly known as Tyrant Virus. A man made virus which is generated by the Umbrella Corporation.Progenitor which is non carcinogenic virus discovered in the West Africa the term T Virus is taken from there.

We all know that Virus are generally exits pollovirus have RNA and herpes virus have DNA genomes and further there are some virus that are single genomes.

After going through all the virus examination we can say that the it is possible that the Virus exit in real. This Virus that explained and shown in the Resident Evil can exit in real life.

Some features of the virus are that virus are generally small like less than the 200 nanometre and secondly they can imitate just inside a host cell and no known infection contains ribosomes, a very important segment of a cell’s protein-production transnational apparatus.

Origin or History of T Virus

In the resident Evil which is a very famous Zombie game, by the end of the twelth Century the three men who are on good economic position decided to research on the virus they are Lord Ozwell E.

Spencer, Sir Edward Ashford, and James Marcus. They discovered the Progenitor Virus which is the mother of this Virus. Ashford died in 1968 whereas Marcus left with nothing to do the research  as because most of the research of the T virus are done by the Marcus.

Then Spencer who already become the owner of the Umbrella Corporation made Marcus the director of his vast corporation. Marcus then demand large amount to complete his research and become greedy with such a great power.

Then there increase a  friction between Marcus and Spencer then he create a powerful virus which is 100% effective. The Umbrella corporation then developed a secret virus under Marcus leadership. In large quantity creating a bio weapon.

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During the Virus research which continued for years , Marcus died and there developed a lots viruses created by the Umbrella corporation and many other illicit groups a later this viruses scattered all over the black market.

What are the effects of T Virus??

This Virus is like the other virus which contact with the cell membrane and insert it coding into the cell which absorbs the vital genome into itself and take over the working of the cell. The cell begins to produce offspring of the original virus the new virus start developing from the main cell and start infecting the other cells and this process repeat again and again.

This Virus work properly when expand its cell in other to prove its vitality. this breakdown promptly  breakdown the main cell. The infection consolidates itself into the host cell and change it ,that why this T Virus have very minor effects on the animals like they expand but with human it is different.

Difference between the two virus T Virus and G Virus

T Virus

T Virus is virus which is developed by the Umbrella corporation when Marcus combine the DNA with Progenitor virus whereas G Virus is the virus that which immediately  shows the effect of mutation. g Virus has the capacity to make dead people alive.

T Virus is considered to be the most destructive and the most powerful virus. This virus is like deadly weapon that infect the large group this T Virus you can see in the movie The Resident Evil film series.

Which is directed by the Paul W.S. Anderson, Alexander Witt and  Russell Z Mulcahy and written by Paul W. S. Anderson.The Resident Evil series is the best movie which is based on the video game.

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