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If you are searching for Ducksters education site than this And you are searching for cartoon The Ducksters which is Warner Bros. cartoon series that information is also given below.

An education site  Ducksters which is owned by Technological Solutions Duckster is intended to use in United States. The information and data at your own risk.

Duckster Educational site is perfect for kids specially teen kids that will definitely take keen interest in the subjects. History topics like Civil Rights, the Cold War, Ancient Greece and World War II.

The use of Fakebook that is fake page same like that on Facebook that helps student a lot in learning. cartoon crazy.

In the spread of pandemic student get lots of help from the duckster educational site it helps the young students a lot in their studies.

This site also give student a knowledge about how covid spread and what are some of the major steps to curb this covid from spreading and what are methods to stay healthy and fit. Teacher also their to help the students online through the Duckster educational site.

The Ducksters cartoon

The Warner Bros. animated cartoon film The Ducksters. Released in the year 1950 The Duckster was written and directed by Michael Maltese and Chuck Jones. Actually  the Ducksters is a pun on the film The Hucksters which is release in the year 1947.

The Walt Disney Company is also giving award for various activity. Looks like a combination of the two words duck and Oscar.

The stars in The Duckster are Daffy Duck and Porky pig

Warner Bros creation Daffy Duck which is  an anthropomorphic black duck. This charter is the most famous character of the Warner Bros. This Daffy ducks appeared in many cartoon series of Warner Bros some of them are Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.

Daffy Duck first appeared in the year 1937 in the short cartoon animated film directed by Tex Avery’s Porky ‘s Duck Hunt.

Porky pig is also Warner bros animated character. Porky Pig also seen in the cartoon series of Warner Bros Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. Porky pig first appeared in the cartoon series of I Haven’t Got a Hat in 1935.

Plot and Story of Ducksters


Porky Pig is on the radio as a contestant the quiz show where  unusual question is asked by the host Daffy Duck.Daffy asked him ridiculous questions. Daffy Duck forces Porky Pig to answer all the 48 states in just few time which no body can do and the most funny part Daffy locks a Porky Pig with ravenous gorilla and in the whole show threatens him Duckster Game.


Ducksters game also available which  is educational game you can play with math, geography word puzzle, arcade, sports, and typing game which helps in increase your typing speed but games are game kids enjoy these games.

Ducksters games

Above given are some Duckster games which are available online and are very attractive for kids as well as it is educative too. These games are liked by children of all age groups. They always add new games from time to time for educational purpose.

Duckster provide lots of educational games for the children. Their is warning tag for the parents to do the homework before giving children playing games. Educational games helps the students in increase their ability where as puzzle game increase the brain power.

Many sports game are also available on the site for the children who are interested in the sports or in outdoor games. These games help the children to learn the rules of the game. Overall a good Duckster educational site is very good for tor children.

Ducklings Go to Mars

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