Black Widow : Some Interesting Facts About Her

Black Widow is a character from the Superheros movies which is based on the Marvel Comics, All the movies that are based on the Marvel Comics are produced by the Marvel Studio and are distributed by Walt Disney Studio motion Pictures. Black Widow is marvelous character in the Marvel Comics and Black Widow is an upcoming movie based on the past of the Black 2021. In the Marvel Cinematic World Black Widow film comes on the 24 number that means it is 24 film under it.

Black Widow mvie is said to be  directed by Cate Shortland and featuring Scarlet Johnson as Black Widow. The film also features William Hurt, Ray Winstone, Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh, O-T Fagbenle, Olga Kurylenko and  David Harbour.

The film is said to set after the story line of the Captain America: Civil War which was released in the year 2016. The story is about Black Widow or Natasha Romanoff who was running away from her past.


Mostly all the Marvel studio movie is action packed but this movie is based on the Black Widow or Natasha Roundoff past which arise due to the serious and dangerous conspiracy against her. There was forces which let her down .The story is all about how Natasha deals with her past when she was not an Avenger.

Is Black Widow a Flop ?

Actually, everyone has their own thought according to their liking and  according to me the movie is entertaining . There are some action scene in the movie that are extremely fantastic to watch, the chase scene is also takes your breath away.Scarlet Johnson played her part best and also other actors did well well. Marvel cinematic Universe movie is full of adventurous that anyone can love to watch. Interaction between scarlet and Pugh’s is a fun to watch. the villain seems to be weak and actually middle part seems to be less interesting but overall story line is great and create int erst to watch further movie from Marvel Studio.

Talking about it being  hit or flop, it has become the highest grossing domestic movie  in US, Worldwide it falls on the 5th position for highest grossing movie in 2021 with $371 million, this is just the face value and as per Marvel studio it below the expectation.

 Some of the Interesting Facts About the Black Widow

Black Widow

Do you know before Marvel made own solo star movie they sell the characters to the other studio to make a movie. In 2004 the Lionsgate purchase the write of this and also star working on the solo story but somehow they did not able to do so and the right of character of Natasha went back to the Marvel Studio and they are the one who made solo movie on Black Widow.

Before Scarlet Johnson Emily Blunt is the one who is selected for the role of her and she officially sighed for the role but unfortunately Emily has to drop last minute due to the conflicts with the dates of film Gulliver Travels. She had to drop it and finally the role went to Scarlet Johnson.

It is said that Black Widow was born in the 80s, But do you know the official this character from the comics was born during the World War ii and was born in 1928 and was orphaned during the war where Soviet soldiers rescue her and then she induced into secret USSR Sleeper agent. She was brain washed over there and eventually become the killing machine.

In the movie Black Widow when coordinating with the Remains Avengers in the Avengers Endgame series. you can see a ballerina Shoes kept there, this shows her past that she was once trained in Red room in Avengers :Age of Ultron.


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