5 Best Translate (Terjemahan) For Indonesian Language

Now a days we are becoming use to the online work and depends upon the digital era. You never think of translate (terjemahan) Indonesian language in other language. Today we are not depends upon the  only one language we are expanding our business and also we must have some good friends whom we want to communicate. Today in this digital era we can translate this Indonesian language with just one click. There are websites or translation service provider who can do this work for us.

So, here in this blog we are going to tell you and give you knowledge about the various English to Indonesian language  translation services websites for  you . 5 best translate(terjemahan) service are as follows….

Google Translator


Very common and must be known to everyone Google Translate is very ones good Friend. Google Translate ca also be downloaded on IOS and Android smartphone. Worlds best translate (terjemahan) you can say. Apart from translating from English to Indonesia you can also translate (terjemahan) it in almost every language that are spoken in the world.

There are about 109 language to translate, That amazing! This service is active from 2006 and also allows user to translate words with voice and photos. It is really become so easy that user can say the written word and the word will be translated user need not type the word and that can be done with photo. This feature really help user who are traveling or are traveler and don’t know the local language of that area.

Bing Translator


Bing translator was developed by Microsoft it can translate 5,000 characters in 60 other languages and most important it is equipped with detection feature which is automatic. Now what is auto detect ? You all must be thinking. so, it is for the user before translation user will auto detect the original language. Bing is ready to download on your IOS and Android  smartphones, The best thing is that it can be access offline mode can be useful while traveling and can use when you go offline.

Oxford Dictionary Translate (Terjemahan)

Every child is familiar about the word Oxford Dictionary, It is found in everyone home,  You can also say this is the first dictionary i ever have. Now Oxford Dictionary also available online and you can also  download its app and can use it in your phone it translation is perfect with digital versions available.

This dictionary has a feature of proverbs and and also gives you writing tips.It also provide the description of of the word and also its origin. Oxford dictionary is one of the best translation tool available.

 Yandex Translate (Terjemahan)

I don’t whether anyone of you had heard about the translator, may be you are not aware of it or use it but this is also one of the translator available online you can give it a try and translate the English to other languages and also in Indonesia.

This Yandex translator can translate language till the maximum limit of 10,000 words it can translate language in 94 other languages. Yandex is some what similar to Google you can also use voice search, auto spelling correction . It can also translate language through image.

 DeepL Translate (Terjemahan)

This is very good translator service provider called DeepL translator. May be some of you don’t know about it. This translator can be a very good alternative of translation. it can do the translation in document form  can be very useful.

The user need to upload the document in ppt or .doc format and  it will translate your document in a second. But only thing is that it can translate in just nine language and that it. Like other translator its capacity is low.


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